Sending Referrals to Ship Watchers...

There are many ways to get rewarded for sending a qualified lead that might be interested in working with Ship Watchers

Whether you are looking to send across a company that might be interested in learning more about Ship Watchers or if you are a 3PL, Distribution, or Fulfillment Company that works with shipping clients and interested in a vender partnership with Ship Watchers, we have a program custom tailored for you.

Our referral fee works off either a tiered payout based on number of referrals over a given time frame or a mutually negotiated share of the revenue generated by the referred client for referral partners. If you would like to learn more about our referral program options including the terms and conditions, please fill out the form below or contact us at any time to get started.


Current Referral Partners


Referral Program Options

Whether you are an individual, shipping carrier, freight forwarder, shipping consolidator, logistics consultant, or 3PL, distribution, or fulfillment shipping company we provide visibility into referred clients savings and status through our Referral Dashboard.
Referral Partner Options

Referral Partners will have the option of sending the referred client directly to Ship Watchers or setting up a Master Account with individual Child Accounts and typically start with more than one client. Referral Partners generally include 3PL's, Fulfillment, Distribution, and Shipping Consolidators.

Tiered Platform Option

Referrals under the tiered platform will receive a referral payment based on the number of referrals sent to Ship Watchers over the course of a year. The tiered platform is best for one off referrals or companies that want to offer our services to their clients, but are not necessarily in the shipping industry.

Referral Partner Dashboard

Complete visibility into your referred clients auditing status, savings, and referral payments are available through our Referral Partner Dashboard. You can send new referrals, monitor updates on referrals, and update personal information. This dashboard is made available for Referral Partners that are not under a Master Account with Child Accounts.

Marketing Incentive

Approved Referral Partners will be included in Ship Watchers Marketing in order to be introduced to our current clients which could result in additional business. We have a Brand Management program as well in which our Referral Partners can place information about our auditing solution on their website, news articles, or blogs.

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