FTL (Full Truckload) Shipping Auditor And More...

FTL Invoice Audit

We link directly to your FTL Carrier Invoice Data for processing through our Network to recover any incorrect charges or errors found within your carrier invoicing. All incorrect adjustments found are submitted through an automated system in place with your FTL Carrier or through our Audit Team with our own Corporate Contacts for direct credit to the invoice in question. Complete visibility to your FTL Invoices, Savings Realized, and various Reporting is available through our Web Portal. 

FTL Audit Common Errors

FTL Carriers are contracted by a single customer for complete usage of the trailer, flatbed, or refrigerated containers with the Top 25 FTL Carriers controlling most of the market. An Audit on FTL Carriers can be a complex and tedius experience. Using a shipping auditor for FTL Carrier Invoices will reduce your shipping costs and save you valuable time from combing through each invoice, freight tendered, and accessorial charge while insuring your negotiated rates, incentives, and discounts are being applied.

Experience with FTL Invoice Audit

Former Carrier Employees (Managers, Developers, Account Executives)

Ship Watchers has a dedicated team of auditors and developers specialized in freight invoice auditing for LTL, FTL, Ocean, Rail, and Air Freight shipments. We have mastered a freight invoice audit system that requires minimal human interface. Our freight audit network can be tailored around your business rules and any business changes that occur. Given the diversity of carriers for all modes, commodities shipped, contracts of carriage, and invoicing procedures we have our own internal staff that will work with each client to customize the auditing process around your specific shipping characteristics and carriers you work with.


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